Aspire by Hestan Review

What does it feel like to be a little brother? In the case of the Aspire (Hestan's little brother)...pretty darn good! This grill has tremendous performance at an excellent price point! 

With the same craftsmanship as the Hestan, Aspire grills have become another big player in the high-end grilling world. They are American made, made of 304 stainless steel, offer sear burner and rotisserie options, as well as COLOR! 

With 5 colors to choose from, the Aspire grill stands out among a crowd. The powder coated front panel is well worth the $209 upgrade on this grill as it simply looks amazing! Akin to a Wolf range's red knobs, the color brings about a touch of lavishness.

Hestan put the Aspire 304 stainless steel u-burners through 500 hours of extensive saltwater spray testing just to see how they would hold up in salt air environments. 

The briquette trays are double-sided in order to self-clean. Once enough drippings have caked onto the top of the briquette tray, you just turn it over so the direct flame from the burner will burn off the grease.

The Aspire also comes with an LED light panel on the face emitting more than enough light for the knobs.

The glow rod ignition system is another bonus in the Aspire, which tends to hold up and last much longer than a typical spark ignition system. 

The infrared burner (additional) is a pretty standard infrared burner as it doesn't have the variable temperature control like a Lynx pro Trident burner. The rotisserie (also additional) has an external motor unlike the Hestan's fully integrated rod holder/motor.  

In our eyes, the Aspire by Hestan is one heck of a grill! With a starting price of $2,599 for their 30" grill, Hestan did a great job of building a superior product that doesn't break the bank. 

If we were to compare it to other grills, we would put it in between the Sedona by Lynx and the Lynx Pro in terms of price, options and quality of construction. 

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