Hestan Grill Rotisserie

The Hestan grill comes standard with a built-in rotisserie motor and rear sear burner. The sear burner isn’t so much “rear” as it is “above”, which is unlike any other grill on the market.

We have found that most rotisserie burners almost never get used and eventually rot out or have thermocouple problems. The 1% of our clientele that does use the rotisserie function on their grill, swears by it and uses it several times a week.

If you don’t care to use a rotisserie and you have an option to leave it off the grill like on a Sedona or Aspire, then leave it off. We’ve seen instances where clients have gone to sell their home and been held up by inspections because of a rear-infrared thermocouple or ignition problem (not an easy fix).

Let’s jump back into the brilliance behind Hestan’s rotisserie burner. The top mounted design gives owners the ability to utilize it as a salamander. When the rotisserie rod isn’t being used, the rear laser-cut grate can be lifted up into position. This rack could be used to take meats or veggies off direct heat from the main burners or to broil a dish. The rotisserie burner’s position “above” the rack gives more flexibility to the grilling experience.

This design came about since Hestan began manufacturing commercial cooking equipment. Every good chef knows how important a salamander is! It demonstrates how Hestan is cutting-edge with design and how the company will continue to be a top player in the appliance world for many years to come!

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