Lynx Ceramic Burners

In case you haven't heard about the new Lynx ceramic burners...they are impressive in many ways, yet brittle compared to the heavy duty Lynx brass burners.

As of right now, Lynx is still allowing the purchase of either the brass burner configuration or the ceramic burner configuration.

We believe the ceramic burners have a lot of potential and will most certainly be a winner for Lynx, as Lynx has proven time and time again that their product is superior to many others in the game.

One of the major benefits we like about the ceramic burner is that there are no holes on the top of the burner like you see with the brass burners. Instead the flame is actually hidden in a way so that no sauce/fat drippings can directly clog a burner hole and cause hot/cold spots on the grilling surface. 

This along with the fact that the ceramic burners should be better with temperature control. One of the problems the brass burners have is that they are so robust. The brass gets incredibly hot, but has trouble coming back down to a lower temperature.

The ceramic burners will not hold heat as well, so the variation in temperature while adjusting the knobs should be true. 

However, we are concerned about how delicate the ceramic burners are compared to the brass burners (not that we recommend homeowners to pull burners out of the grill). If someone were to drop one of the ceramic burners from a foot high onto a concrete deck, it would most certainly break. Whereas, one could drop a brass burner from an airplane and nothing would happen to it.

All in all, we think the ceramic burners are the way to go and will be supported by Lynx as always. Lynx did 5 years of testing on the ceramic burner and wouldn't have brought it to the market if it were inferior. 

We are very excited to see what everyone thinks of this new burner! 


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