About Us

Blue Chip Grills is the result of 20+ combined years of hard work cleaning grills, repairing grills, and building premium outdoor kitchens. Cory and Len Fischman initially opened Palm Beach Grill Cleaner in 2011 with the idea of cleaning high-end grills in Palm Beach County. As the business quickly grew, they knew that the only way to keep up with demand was to buy more vehicles and hire cleaning crews. Clients began asking Palm Beach Grill Cleaner to come out to their house and do repairs as most retailers don't know how to fix them and don't do any servicing.

Palm Beach Grill Cleaner Truck

As time went on and the business continued to boom, Cory and Len decided to open Fischman Outdoor Kitchens. This was only after showing up to thousands of multi-million dollar homes whose outdoor kitchens were built poorly. It only took a few times of seeing someone build the frame for counter tops out of wood (FYI...fire and wood don't mix), to see how construction could be done better.

Fischman Outdoor Kitchen's Logo

Learning the ins-and-outs of different grill manufacturers after working on them for years, and how custom outdoor kitchens are constructed after building them for years, it only made sense to the Fischman's to grow their business further and open Blue Chip Grills.

Chad Fischman (Cory's brother, Len's son) came into the mix to help them take the company to the next level...online grill sales. Chad was previously a financial planner and knows what it takes to run businesses efficiently. After acting as a sounding board for his brother and father for years, he felt as though he could contribute to the family business by utilizing his financial background and ability to develop websites.

The name "Blue Chip Grills" was used to demonstrate the types of grills that we sell. The stock market refers to a "Blue Chip" stock as one with a national reputation for quality, reliability, and the ability to operate profitably in good times and bad. Blue Chip Grills focuses on selling superior products that they have seen (first-hand), stand the test of time.